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More About Circa Motorcycle Training

Committed to Your Future

Circa Motorcycle Training was created to bring a new breath of life and industry standards into Motorcycle Training Courses. The founder has more than 23 years of traceable experience in the training field, supporting thousands of individuals to bring out the best in them- coupled with the love and passion for motorcycles, Circa Motorcycle Training was born. With the ever growing demand for all things 2 wheels, whether commuting to work to avoid all the high charges (insurance, Ultra Low Emission Zone or Congestion Charge), engaged in the delivery sector, or a newly found passion, please call or pop in for a no obligation visit and a chat with like minded instructors of varied backgrounds. For the founder of Circa Motorcycle Training, it is more about creating a friendly safe environment and supporting than just another business. Having fully accomplished himself in the life long training sector,
your satisfaction is not just our aim,
it is our business.

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